HyperDiver - is a dungeon-crawler genre game in space! 
Take control under your spaceship and start new journey to far stars and galaxies! 


✔ explore deep space on infinite unique levels
✔ make hyper jumps though blackholes to dive in hyperspace as deep as you can
✔ earn details and credits on your flights to buy new equipment and improve your ship
✔ destroy enemies ships and make new rating records

Download game now and become a real Space HyperDiver!

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Fun little game that combines minesweeper with rpg elements.
The game uses sort of a life system like in candy crush but is very generous with it at least early on (barely ever died and could refill it with ingame money earned from couple runs)

For some criticism I could say that the game is a bit grindy and doesn't really reward players for taking risks and venturing further in than the given mission objective hence best strategy to progress seems to be to clear missions as fast as possible and land to a planet which is fairly repetitive and not as exciting. Having to grind for more money just to rank up seems off as well considering that you're already doing that with ship upgrades.

Also the game music keeps playing even when phone is on sleep or application loses focus unless you close the game.

Thank you very much for your feedback, especially for critics - I found it very useful.

I'll try to fix problems that you've described and keep going to work on this game if players find the game interesting)